Friends of Mangu was formed in 2008 by two returning VSO volunteers and a group of like-minded friends. The couple had previously spent two years as VSO teachers in the township of Kaleo in the UWR where they lived amongst some of the most deprived communities in Ghana. During this life changing experience they learned a great deal about the hardships of day to day living in rural Africa.

In the District adjacent to Kaleo lay the impoverished township of Mangu. Before completing their placements these volunteers were invited to visit the community of Mangu to witness, first-hand the conditions in which children were being educated. They were shocked to find Junior High School classes being held in the open air with only Neem trees to afford any shelter from the elements. This inevitably had affected the quality of education being delivered. Lessons were regularly cancelled during the rainy season, pupil often failed to attend and staff turnover was high.

During a follow up visit to Mangu, the couple met with village elders who impressed them with their commitment and sheer determination to find a way to provide adequate buildings for the education of their children.

These visits convinced these two volunteer teachers that, on their return to the UK, they must do something to help the community rebuild their school.

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