Kaleo is a township to the north of the regional capital Wa, in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The population of Kaleo is generally very poor and still relies heavily on subsistence farming to support their families. The community is adequately provided with educational facilities having a number of primary schools, two junior high schools and one senior high school. Further education is available locally at the Wa campus of the University for Development.

Katakor is a small coastal hamlet to the west of Takoradi between the towns of Agona and Cape Three Points in the Western Region of Ghana. The community is extremely poor relying on fishing from tiny canoes and basic agriculture to provide any income. The community has no school and the children have to walk along the coast to their nearest primary school in the village of Akwida.

Mangu is a township situated to the south of the regional capital Wa. This community is extremely impoverished with 80% of the population living below the poverty line. Most habitation falls within the boundaries of the township but there are a number of smaller outlying, rural villages. At the centre of the main community there are a number of basic shops (huts) and a Primary School built by the local authority. There had been a Junior High School established by Irish Methodist missionaries back in 1992. The school had been built of mud brick but after only two years the walls collapsed following a period of exceptional rains. An attempt to rebuild the school in the late 90s, this time with concrete blocks, failed due to lack of finance and the incomplete structure soon crumbled.

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