Borehole Projects

Access to clean drinking water is a major problem in most parts of the developing world and Ghana is no exception. Providing clean drinking water is essential to prevent the transmission of waterborne diseases, such as cholera, dysentery, hepatitis B, etc. Sources of water are often to be found some distance from the communities and more often than not it is unclean and unsafe for human consumption. The job of collecting water is usually left to the women and children. Often they have to travel several kilometres, two or three times each day, to meet the family’s demands for water. It is common for children, especially girls, who are too young to carry the heavy filled basins, to be left at home in charge of younger siblings while the mother fetches water. Local access to clean drinking water will have significant health benefits as well as improving the quality of life for the women and freeing many children from the domestic chores which prevent them from attending school.

After the school building project was completed, Friends of Mangu turned their attention to the provision of clean drinking water. A mechanised Borehole has been sited within the main Mangu community with two manual boreholes being located in outlying communities. Again, ownership is a key issue in these projects, with members of the community having to supply the labour and learn how to maintain the borehole. There is still a huge need for many more boreholes for outlying communities.

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