Child Sponsorship Scheme

Friends of Mangu’s Child Sponsorship scheme has enabled pupils and students to access the educational opportunities which they otherwise could not afford. Currently, support from the charity has been provided to families in the communities of Kaleo and Katakor, to finance their children’s education through Primary School, Junior High School, Senior High School and, in some cases, on to University. By its very nature, this is a long term commitment which aims to allow these children to achieve their full educational potential. Children who are fortunate enough to be sent to school will spend 6 years at Primary School, 3 years at Junior High School and 3 years at Senior High School. There is, however a very high attrition rate at each of the transitions.

We are very proud that one of our sponsored students who graduated from the University for Development Studies in 2012 has now secured his own funding for a Postgraduate course at Nottingham University in England.

Costings The figures below are typical for Ghana Education Authority schools. They cover the costs of uniforms, books, stationery, PTA fees and a small allowance for food. In addition, Senior High Schools charge school fees (as well as dormitory fees where needed)

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